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What happened at the Manning & Training Conference 2013?
New for 2014: Online networking tool

View the delegate list one week in advance, message fellow attendees and arrange meetings with our new unique networking tool

Results from the 2014 EMSA re-audit

Examine recent progress in global training standards - Where has progress been made and which challenges remain?

Explore the role of CSR in the maritime industry

Review environmental initiatives, welfare projects and relief efforts post Typhoon Haiyan

Analyse the effectiveness of eLearning in enhancing competency

Review the latest technology

Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference 2014: Join us at the shipping industry's largest seafarer recruitment, retention & training conference

Why attend Asia-Pacific Manning & Training in November 2014?

View the Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference Agenda.

  • Assess the outcome of the October EMSA re-audit and examine strategies towards improving global training standards
  • Receive procedural updates on the forthcoming BIMCO/ICS Manpower Report 2015
  • Explore industry’s readiness for the STCW Manila amendments
  • Examine the on-going efforts to rebuild seafarer communities post-Typhoon Haiyan
  • Review the success and challenges of implementing MLC one year on
  • Analyse the future impact of One ASEAN 2015 on the seafarer industry
  • Receive practical advice on the new ILO guidance for maritime occupational health and safety
  • Network with 500+ maritime professionals using our online networking tool 
  • Review the latest innovations in eLearning

Inaugural Döhle Group Business & Economic Briefing

The DÖHLE GROUP has great pleasure in inviting you to join us for our inaugural BUSINESS and ECONOMIC BRIEFING on Shipping, Seafaring, and the Philippines, ASEAN Integration, and Connectivity.

For more information on topics under review and keynote speakers, click here.

Who will you meet? A snapshot of this years' attendees...

  • KVH Media Group
  • Norwegian Maritime Foundation of the Philippines Inc
  • Seagull Maritime Information Technology PTE Ltd
  • New Alliance Marine Training Center
  • Mariners Polytechnic Training Center
  • Meridian International Maritime Training Center Inc
  • Westfal Larsen Management AS
  • Hoegh Fleet Services Philippines Inc
  • Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte Ltd
  • Grieg Philippines Inc
  • Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement GmbH & Co KG
  • Aissa Atlantic Offshore and Marine
  • United Philippine Lines Inc
  • Sandigan Maritime Training Inc
  • Rederiet Stenersen As
  • Maersk Filipinas Crewing Inc
  • IMTS
  • Westfal - Larsen Management AS
  • Alexarya Corperation International
  • Asian Institute of Maritime Studies
  • Solvang ASA
  • Klaveness Maritime Agency Inc
  • BW Shipping Philipines Inc
  • BASS Software Regional Headquarters
  • The Swedish Club
  • Vroon-Fil Ship Management Inc
  • Seacrest Maritime Management Inc
  • Torm Shipping Philippines Inc
  • Trans-Global Maritime Agency Inc
  • Sailors Society
  • Lighthouse Shipmanagement Phils I
  • Vroon BV
  • Multinational Maritime Inc
  • Jadran Pismo d o o
  • Skanfil Maritime Services Inc
  • Marine Benefits
  • Jo Tankers Phils Inc
  • CMA Ships
  • Skrill Group
  • The Marine Advisory Medical & Repatriation Service
  • MEDMAR Marine Travel Agency
  • Leonis Navigation Co Inc
  • NGO Seafarers Professional Development Cluster
  • FRS Shipmanagement Limited
  • Net Vision Sea Pte Ltd
  • Ship Shape Media
  • TORM Shippining Phils.Inc.
  • CF Sharp Crewing Management Inc
  • Seafarer Asia
  • H Ocean Manila CO INC
  • International Training Academies AS
  • Famous City Holdings Ltd
  • Spectral Technologies Inc
  • Charles Taylor Mutual Management (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Navis Maritime Services Inc.
  • NorthMan GmbH
  • KGJS Fleet Management Manila Inc
  • Associated Ship Management Services Inc
  • Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc
  • F.Laeisz Philippines Ltd Inc
  • Aboitiz Jedsen
  • Nautical Institute
  • Sea Team Management Phils Inc
  • Dohle Haus Manilia
  • Intership Navigation Co Ltd
  • Dohle-Philman Manning Agency Inc
  • V.Group Marine Services
  • Gearbulk Norway AS
  • TSM Shipping Phils Inc
  • Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co KG
  • Gulf Energy Maritime
  • Grieg Shipping Group AS
  • Dohle Seafront Crewing Inc
  • Unicorn Shipping
  • F Laesz Philippines Ltd Inc
  • Anglo-Eastern Ship Management
  • Viking Recruitment Limited
  • Warsash Maritime Academy
  • Maestro Shipmanagement Ltd
  • ABC Maritime AG
  • Trademar Pte Ltd
  • IMTS Ltd
  • Marlins SeaTec Operational Safety
  • Masterbulk Ship Management Pte Ltd
  • MMSPhil Maritime Services Inc
  • OSM Maritime Services Inc
  • Chevron shipping company
  • F Laeisz Philippines Ltd Inc
  • Astro Offshore Pte Ltd
  • Philippine Association of Manning A and Ship Managers
  • Wallem Maritime Services Inc
  • Allmode
  • Berge Bulk
  • Italian Maritime Academy Phils Inc
  • PNG Maritime College
  • AET Shipmanagement Singapore
  • Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
  • Unicorn Shipping Pty Ltd
  • Career Philippines Shipmanagment Inc
  • Stolt Tankers B.V.
  • CMA Ships Singapore PTE Limited
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement UK Limited
  • Phil-Bright Ocean Ship Management Inc
  • Poseidon Asia Inc
  • Career Philippines Shipmanagement Inc
  • Eagle Clarc Shipping Phils Inc
  • Bright Maritime Corporation
  • InterManager
  • SAL Heavy Lift Gmbh
  • Stimula Productions Inc
  • KVH Media Group Philippines Inc
  • ABB Pte Ltd
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Dohle Shipmanagement Phils Corp
  • Mastech Inc
  • Filipino Association for Mariners Employment Inc
  • Reederei Claus Peter Offen
  • Global Gateway Crewing Services Inc
  • Nordic Tankers
  • Asia Bulk Transport Philippines Inc
  • Videotel Marine International
  • Vstep
  • Avior Marine Inc.
  • National Maritime Polytechnic
  • Amadeus Asia Pacific
  • Solvang Philippines Inc
  • Senator Crewing Manila Inc
  • Anscor Swire Ship Management
  • Dalisay Shipping Corporation
  • Aboa Mare
  • Ventis Maritime Corporation
  • Dalisay Shipping Corp
  • POS-FIL Maritime Training Center
  • Shanghai Chem-Triumph Marine Service Co.Ltd.
  • MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH
  • Leatherneck Consulting
  • Wallenius Marine Singapore
  • GMS Global Maritime Ship Management Corporation
  • Philippine Transmarine Carriers
  • Marine Training Centre
  • EuroBulk Far East Limited
  • Sinocrew Maritime Services Co Ltd
  • ATP Instone
  • UKRFERRY Shipmanagement
  • Teekay Shipping Philippines Inc
  • EMA GmbH
  • John B Lacson Foundation Maritime University JBLFMU
  • Marine Advisory Medical Repatriatio Repatriation Services
  • Eagle Star Crew Management Corp
  • Dalian International Maritime Service CO Ltd
  • Senator Crewing Inc
  • Epsilon Maritime Services Inc
  • Maersk Tankers
  • Wagenborg South East Asia
  • Wilhelmsen Smith Bell Manning Inc
  • Singa Ship Management Phils INC
  • Alere Toxicology Plc
  • Transocean Shipmanagement Pte Ltd
  • Anker Verzekert b.v.
  • ABB OY
  • Wallenius Marine AB
  • Unisea Philippines INC
  • Laurin Maritime Philippines Inc
  • Fairnews Media Inc
  • A M O S U P
  • European Training Competence Centre
  • Norwegian Training Center
  • A Magsaysay Inc
  • Amadeus Sas
  • Wartsila Finland Oy
  • Maesaysay Mol Marine Inc
  • Intermodal Shipping Inc
  • Reederei NSB
  • Seagull
  • Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd
  • ABB, Inc.
  • Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc
  • Oman Ship Management Company SOAC
  • Unishipping Services Ltd
  • WrightWay
  • Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement
  • Amiri Yachts
  • Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement GmbH
  • S5 Agency World Ltd
  • PB Maritime Personnel Inc
  • Stolt-Nielsen Philippines Inc
  • AJ Center for Excellence
  • Marine Services Co.,Ltd.
  • Shell Ship Management Ltd
  • Malaysian Maritime Academy
  • Safety4Sea
  • Global Marine Systems Ltd
  • Crewplanet
  • Pandiman Philippines Inc

Who attends Asia-Pacific Manning & Training?

Delegate BD

  • Ship Managers/Owners
  • Crewing/Manning Agents
  • Crew Service Providers
  • Training Academies
  • Maritime Academies

The 15th year of the largest global crewing conference

500+ Maritime recruitment and training professionals

30+ Maritime nations represented

40% of attendees are shipowners and ship managers

35+ senior expert speakers:

  • Gerardo A Borromeo, Philippine Transmarine Carriers
  • Peter Hinchliffe, International Chamber of Shipping
  • Capt. Kuba Syzmanski, InterManager
  • Thomas Timlen, BIMCO Asia
  • Tim Wilkins, Intertanko
  • Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd.
  • VADM Edd Santos, AMOSUP
  • Dr Dirk Max Johns, Verband Deutscher Reeder
  • Tim Wilson, GlobalMET
  • Capt. Constantino L. Arcellana Jr., DS-Norden A/S
  • Ralf Reuter, Germany Embassy
  • Andreas Nordseth, Danish Maritime Authority
  • Capt. Navin Passey, Wallem Ship Management India
  • David Dearsley, Dearsley Maritime Consulting
  • David Patraiko, The Nautical Institute
  • Dr. Peter Swift, Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme
  • Roger Harris, ISWAN
  • Marlon R. Roño, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
  • Sandra Welch, Sailor’s Society
  • Carla Limcaoco, Women in Maritime Phils Association
  • Bill Lunn, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management
  • Eric Visser, Holland America Line
  • Sartaj Gill, Thome Ship Management
  • Paul Russell, Viking Recruitment
  • Capt. Bob Fay, International Registries - Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Capt. Richard Teo, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • Natalie Shaw, International Chamber of Shipping
  • Jason Berma, S5 Agency World
  • Rod Short, GlobalMET
  • Prof. Helen Sampson, Seafarers International Research Centre
  • Torbjørn Husby, Norwegian Maritime Authority
  • Dr.Antonio Roberto Abaya, Health Metrics Inc.
  • Robert Johnston, Crewsure Insurance
  • Adrien Luntao, Teekay Shipping Ltd.
  • Brad Groves, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Capt. Harminder Singh, Garrets International Pte Ltd
  • Capt. Richard Teo, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport

New features for Asia-Pacific Manning & Training 2014

Spotlight Theatre

Visit this area for a series of live sessions which provide an alternative to the main conference agenda. On this stage you will hear live debates, on-the-spot interviews and technology show cases.
Email camilla.perselli@informa.com to be involved.



Online Networking Tool

You can view the delegate list 1 week in advance of the event, message fellow participants, set up meetings and manage your schedule all through our unique online networking tool available to all registered delegates.



1-2-1 Meeting Room

Take time away from the buzz of the conference room to schedule private meetings. Tables can be booked in advance.



Face-to-face cadet panel

Examine the concerns of GenY in this live discussion where cadets will quiz a panel of experts and tackle questions pertinent to young seafarers embarking on a career in the maritime industry.


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(updated 25 November 2014)

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