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What happened at the Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference 2014?

Take a look at who spoke at the 10th Anniversary Asia-Pacific Manning & Training Conference in 2009:

Conference Chairman:
 John Adams,
Managing Director, Teekay Marine Services

Conference Speakers & Panellists:
Carlos Salinas,
Chairman & CEO, Philippine Transmarine Carriers & Chairman, Filipino Shipowners Association
David Dearsley, Former Secretary General, International Maritime Employers' Committee (IMEC)
Brian Martis, Chair – Working Group on Criminalisation of Seafarers, InterManager & Group Business Services/Industrial Relations Director, V.Ships
Marlon Rono,
President, Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME) & Chief Operating Officer, Magsaysay Corporation
Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Director Quality Assurance & Training, Anglo Eastern Ship Management
Bjørn Simonsen,
Managing Director, OSM Crew Management
Liu Shi Jun, Deputy Managing Director, Sinocrew Maritime Services Co. Ltd.
Mr. Ericson M. Marquez, Co-Chairman, Joint Manning Group (JMG), President, Virjen Shipping Corporation Secretary, Filipino Association for Mariners’ Employment, Inc. (FAME)
Chris Haughton,
MA BA CertEd PGCC Master Mariner FNI - Chair, Education & Training Committee & the CPD Working Group, Nautical Institute
Capt. Rodger MacDonald,
Secretary General, IFSMA
George Hoyt, CEO, NewsLink
Ole Stene,
Managing Director, Aboitiz Jebsen Bulk Transport Corp & Past President, InterManager
Arvind Sharma,
Group HR Marine Director, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management
Helle Gleie Rasmussen,
Vice President, Crewing & Fleet Personnel, EMS Ship Management AS
Biraj Tracy,
Deputy General Manager Marine Personnel Department, New Asian Shipping Co. Ltd
Emmanuel A. Vordonis,
Executive Director, Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.
Tony Mason,
Secretary General, ICS & ISF
Rod Short,
Executive Secretary, GlobalMET
Capt. Tim Wilson,
Director, New Zealand Maritime School
Capt. Stephen Cross,
Director of Projects, Maritime Institute ‘Willem Barentsz’
Robert Rayner,
President & CEO, IDESS
Amit Ray,
General Manager, DNV SeaSkill Asia
Minerva Alfonso,
Maritime Adviser, INTERTANKO
Martin Burley,
Training Director, V.Ships
Johnny Sim,
Technical Specialist, International Labour Organisation (ILO) & Training Manager, Uniteam Marine Limited, Cyprus
Gunnar Lamvik,
Senior Researcher, SINTEF Technology and Society
Capt. Robert A. Fay,
Senior Vice-President Maritime Operations, International Registries Inc.
Martin Hernqvist,
Manager Maritime Resource Management (MRM),The Swedish Club


Who attended Manning & Training?

  • Lubeca Marine Services Inc
  • Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd
  • NorthMan GmbH
  • Crewtech Ship Management
  • China Dalian International Maritime Service Co
  • Reederei F Laeisz GmbH
  • Orion Bulkers
  • Maestro Shipmanagement Ltd
  • OSM Maritime Services Inc
  • Dalisay Shipping Corp
  • Holland America Line
  • Magsaysay Maritime Corporation
  • Britoil Offshore Philippines Inc
  • Solvang ASA
  • Italian Maritime Academy Phils Inc
  • Sikimic Marine Services
  • Westfal-Larsen Management AS
  • Sirius Ship Management Srl
  • Ventis Maritime Corporation
  • Unisea Philippines Inc
  • Pacific Ocean Manning Inc
  • Mideast Ship Management
  • Nordic Tankers Marine AS
  • Asia Bulk Transport Philippines Inc
  • Odfjell Shipmanagement Philippines Inc
  • Grieg Philippines Inc
  • Jo Tankers Phils Inc
  • Besiktas Likid Tasimacilik Denizcilik A.S
  • Net Ship Management Inc
  • V Ships
  • Marlow Navigation Philippines Inc
  • Teekay Shipping Phillipines Inc
  • Shiptalk Recruitment
  • ODFJELL Ship Management (Phils) Inc.
  • Solvang Philippines Inc
  • Norwegian Maritime Foundation of the Philippines Inc
  • Döhle Shipmanagement Phils Corp
  • Sandigan Maritime Training Inc
  • ABC Maritime AG
  • Transas Marine Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Wilhelmsen Smith Bell Manning Inc
  • Ultragas (Europe) Aps
  • Epsilon Hellas Overseas Ltd
  • Sinocrew Maritime Services Co Ltd
  • OSG Shipmanagement GR Ltd
  • Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc
  • Poseidon Asia Inc
  • Vizada GmbH
  • Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei
  • Univan Management Services Philippines Inc
  • Lauritzen Kosan AS
  • National Maritime Polytechnic
  • TORM Shipping Phils Inc
  • Rickmers Shipmanagement Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Southfield Agencies Inc
  • Aboitiz Jebsens
  • Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co Kg
  • Ugland Marine Management A S
  • Nigeria LNG Ltd
  • ABB Oy
  • United Philippine Lines Inc
  • Asian Institute of Maritime Studies
  • Dohle Shipmanagement Phils Corporation
  • Omc Shipping Pte Ltd
  • Ahrenkiel Shipmanagement Cyprus Ltd
  • Dohle Private Clients Limited
  • Transocean Shipmangement Phils
  • SK Ship Management Co Ltd
  • CTI SeaTeam Management Phils
  • Masterbulk Pte Ltd
  • POS-FIL Maritime Training Center
  • EMA GmbH Ethiopian Manning Agency
  • CF Sharp Crewing Management Inc
  • Aboitiz Jebsen
  • MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH
  • Reederei Claus Peter Offen
  • DPM Dohle Personalmanagement GmbH & Co KG
  • Meridian Intl Maritime Training Center Inc
  • TSM Shipping Phils Inc
  • Elburg Shipmanagement Phils Inc
  • Cardiff Crewing Filipinas Inc
  • Eagle Star Crew Management Corp
  • KGJS Fleet Management Manila Inc
  • Britoil Offshore Services Pte Ltd
  • Globe Master Marine Agency Inc
  • Pacific Maritime Institute
  • Hoegh Fleet Services Philippines Inc
  • Skanfil Maritime Services Inc
  • Laurin Maritime Philippines Inc
  • AP Companies Global Solutions Ltd
  • Globe Master Management Phils Inc
  • Excellence & Competency Training
  • Philippine Standard Shipmanagement
  • Dohle Seafront Crewing Manila Inc
  • Viking Recruitment Ltd
  • OSG Ship Management Manila Inc

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